2017 IMDA Award Winners

The In-Mold Decorating Association is a trade association representing molders, printers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers and others committed to the development and growth of in-mold labeling and decorating products, technologies and markets. Its mission is to raise the level of awareness and acceptance of in-mold decorated durable products and in-mold labeled packaging by OEMs, brand owners and marketers. Each year, the IMDA awards recognize those creating products that best represent the technology. Awardees in 2017 are as follows.

Best of Show: Vegetarian Paté

Submitted By: Sonoco
Brand Owner: Allos Schwarzwald GmbH
Molder: Sonoco
Label Supplier: Rahning GmbH

The judges were impressed by this little but mighty submission from Sonoco. The plastic package connotes natural flavor with a graphic design and shape that mimics a wooden barrel. The design is conveyed via barrier in-mold labels that deliver more than premium graphics with strong shelf appeal. The judges appreciated that the IML also delivered high-barrier properties that work in concert with the plastic package to provide a shelf-stable pate product that is good for a full year.

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package

Gold Award: Vegetarian Paté
Submitted By: Sonoco
Brand Owner: Allos Schwarzwald GmbH
Molder: Sonoco
Label Supplier: Rahning GmbH

For its line of 100 percent plant-based, meat-alternative spreads, the Tartex brand uses specially designed PermaSafe® IML packaging by Sonoco. This solution combines maximum convenience and long shelf life with an eye-catching appearance at the point of sale. Allos Hof-Manufaktur produces the organic “Brotzeit” spreads at the company’s site in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Sonoco worked in close cooperation with Allos Hof-Manufaktur to develop a customized packaging solution designed to be user-friendly and resealable. The label, which is supplied by Rahning GmbH, features a special matte finish developed by Sonoco for a natural, paper-like feel.

Silver Award: Vibs & Wöw Oxo IML Container SuperLock® Pots
Submitted By: RPC Superfos Pamplona
Brand Owner: Cool Vega
Molder: RPC Superfos Pamplona
Label Supplier: Korsini-SAF

Best Label Design

Gold Award: Düfa Zeolit Paint Bucket
Submitted By: Kayalar Kimya
Brand Owner: Düfa
Molder: Etkin Plastik
Label Supplier: Korsini-SAF

This is not the standard paint bucket for mineral paint. Everything about it is unusual, starting with its well-balanced, industrial-size oval shape with integrated handle that’s easy to hold for larger hands. While graphics are simple, they’re also elegant in shades of gray with spot UV coating that adds to the premium quality, complemented by an artistic burst of color.

Silver Award: SNO-BALLS TO-GO
Submitted By: Verstraete In-Mold Labels/Berry Plastics
Brand Owner: SNO-BALLS TO-GO
Molder: Berry Plastics
Label Supplier: Verstraete In Mold Labels


Best Part Design

Gold Award: Artemis Spectrum™ Sideplate
Submitted By: ZoMazz
Brand Owner: Logitech
Molder: Unique-Sill Precision PTE
Label Supplier: ZoMazz

The Sideplate is an interchangeable insert for the right and left sides of Logitech’s Artemis Spectrum™ wireless surround-sound gaming headset. It can be switched out by the consumer, providing endless possibilities for customization and branding with maximum flexibility. New graphic designs can be produced by switching out labels without so much as a tool or resin change and can be on store shelves in just weeks to coincide with game launches. Manufactured to exacting tolerances to fit the curve of the headset, the Spectrum Sideplate – featuring ZoMazz Digital IMD graphics – gives the brand owner and the consumer maximum flexibility to customize with a minimum investment of resources.

Silver Award: Eila® Lactose-Free Panna Cotta
Submitted By: Verstraete In Mold Labels
Brand Owner: Valio Ltd
Molder: RPC Superfos
Label Supplier: Verstraete In Mold Labels

Best Prototype Part

Gold Award: Crystal Coaster
Submitted By: ZoMazz
Brand Owner: ZoMazz
Molder: Unique-Skill Precision PTE
Label Supplier: ZoMazz

The ZoMazz Crystal Coaster began life as a proof-of-concept part to demonstrate the company’s ability to incorporate crystals from Swarovski (through its exclusive partnership with the Austrian crystal manufacturer) into the ZoMazz digital IMD process. Utilizing a clear film with crystals attached to the molded side allows for the secure display of crystals, as well as the appearance of different colored crystals based on the imaged color of the clear film.

Best Product Family

Gold Award: Pauluns & Lovemade Oxo IML Container SuperLock® Pots
Submitted By: RPC Superfos Besancon
Brand Owner: Orkla Food
Molders: RPC Superfos Besancon
Label Supplier: Korsini-SAF

Thanks to RPC Superfos’ re-closeable SuperLock® solution, ambient shelf life of up to 24 months is possible for a wide range of products, including baby food, ready meals, soups, sauces, nuts, jams, vegetable spreads and pickles. The SuperLock® solution, in combination with Korsini-SAF’s autoclave resistant oxygen barrier labels, allows for post-filling sterilization up to 120°C for 80 minutes, decoration flexibility and prolonged shelf life, all of which provide a great advantage for commercial use.

Silver Award: Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Motor Oil
Submitted By: WS Packaging Group
Brand Owner: SOPUS Products
Molder: Graham Packaging
Label Supplier: WS Packaging Group

Best Thermoform IML Package

Gold Award: Pillsbury Peanut Butter/Chocolate Frosting
Submitted By: Verstraete In Mold Labels
Brand Owner: J.M. Smucker
Molder: Tech II
Label Supplier: Verstraete In Mold Labels

As a leader in the consumer packaged goods industry, J.M. Smucker partnered with Tech II and Verstraete IML to launch a new Pillsbury Peanut Butter/Chocolate Frosting product. Utilizing Tech II’s uniquely shaped Apollo™ thermoform in-mold labeled (T-IML) container, this package provides visibility of the product, an oxygen barrier layer to increase product shelf life, picturesque graphics and recyclability.

Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part

Gold Award: Telescopic Cylinder Cover for Industrial Trucks
Submitted By: Guarnitec SRL
Brand Owner: Hyva
Molder: Guarnitec SRL
Label Supplier: Korsini-SAF Italy

This IMD part is a dust cover for front end telescopic cylinders used on industrial trucks. HYVA required a replacement for the older silk screen, low-quality print labels with a more attractive resistant cover, made to withstand both extreme weather conditions, with superior UVA and abrasion resistance. Molder Guarnitec SRL answered this challenging request, making the cover visually more attractive with Korsini’s two-layer high resistant label, adding a strong reflecting silver band behind the logo.

Best Thin Wall Package

Gold Award: Country Fresh Ice Cream Package
Submitted By: Verstraete In Mold Labels
Brand Owner: Dairy Maid
Molder: Dairypack Tubs
Label Supplier: Verstraete In Mold Labels

Plastic packaging producer Dairypack Tubs, a division of Polyoak Packaging, joined forces with Verstraete IML for the development of the new Dairymaid ice cream packaging. The new Country Fresh IML packaging is the first ice cream packaging in South Africa with an IML label that covers the entire lid. The efficient stacking of the new IML packaging has made transport more stable. Thanks to advanced injection-molded technology, the packaging weighs 10 percent less than conventional packages, which reduces the ecological footprint.