New Universal Series Pad Printers by TTN: Redesigned for Maximum Output

Edited by Erin La Row, editor, Plastics Decorating

Automark’s New Universal Series Pad Printers by TTN have been redesigned for better performance and maximum output. There are over 40 subtle changes that make the printers easier to use, facilitate faster job changes and produce higher output than other entry-level pad printers in the marketplace today.

The Universal 200 is a two-color machine that, like the other TTN pad printers, takes the registration and places it directly on the plate, greatly reducing setup times. The machine can print one part in two colors or the output can nearly double as it can print two parts at one time in one color each. In addition, a simple swap of the 90 mm ink cups to a 90 x 190 mm ink cup allows large-format printing. A smaller cliché plate can be used with only one 90 mm ink cup to allow customers to print smaller one-color jobs.

“These pad printers represent over 40 years of knowledge from TTN and are built with the highest quality components in Europe and stocked for distribution throughout North America in Austin, Texas,” said Brian Bishop, founder and CEO of Automark.

The pad printers use quality components, like INA bearings, Festo pneumatics, powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum parts. They are cleanroom-compliant out of the box, so they are finding homes in many medical applications in North America. The Universal Series supports seven languages natively through the touchscreen control panel. This allows for the use of the Universal Series of pad printers throughout the world.

The machines contain an X-Y table with fixture clips that allow fast, precise adjustability of the component and provide operators the ability to change fixtures quickly for different jobs. The new magnetic base plates allow the placement of clichés without tools so job changes are done in seconds. With the ability to place images at both ends of every cliché, a new job can be started by rotating the baseplate around in less than 10 seconds. This especially is helpful for tagless T-shirt printers where sizes XS and S, for example, can be contained on one plate.

Finally, all Universal Series pad printers can be equipped with a pad cleaner that automatically cleans the pads during printing. The built-in optional tape cleaner accessory keeps the printing perfect while maintaining output and high productivity. Operators will appreciate this feature as the function is integrated into the control panel and can be intitiated manually or programmed after a set number of cycles.

Built for flexibility

Modular in nature, the baseplates easily can be replaced in seconds to start new jobs using larger ink cups. This modular feature also carries over to the fixture table that can be removed to facilitate mounting it over assembly lines to handle large part printing.

Response to the redesigned machines has been positive. “The New Universal is brand new and interest is starting off in a great direction,” Bishop said. “So far in the few months we have been representing these new machines, they have been sold into medical, automotive and industrial applications and contract decorators. Each one of these industries is using the machine for a different advantage, but one thing is common; they all understand that having maximum flexibility in the machine while maintaining the highest degree of output is the way to capitalize on investing in pad printing machines.”

Technical Specifications

Cliché size: 200 x 250 mm

Number of colors: Two

Ink cup size: 2@90 mm or oval 90 x 190 mm

Max. Printing Area: 80 x 180 mm oval