Cool Things Decorated with Pad Printing

by Stephen Chrisos, Inkcups Now

Many of the colorful and interesting icons and graphics seen daily are created with pad printing technology. With pad printing, it is easy to add fun graphics and colorful art to almost any object, including the human body.

From T-shirts and toothbrushes to promotional items, computers and the text and graphics on the inside of a car, many of the graphics seen every day all are pad printed. Today’s printing machines are making mass customization an easy fix.

Colored contact lenses
Colored contact lenses make it easy to change brown eyes to blue. These lenses are pad printed with a specialized ink in 4-color process so that any eye color can be achieved.

Fishing lures
Printing on fishing lures is a great way to gain attention from all kinds of fish. The colors will come out bright and shiny, making all the “real” fishes totally jealous.

Remote controls
Pad printing helped put an end to getting up to change the channel.

Pad printing helps people know what medication they are taking. Don’t make the mistake of taking Grandpa’s prescription meds instead of an aspirin.

Press-on fingernails
Print them out and press them on!

Stained glass
With the help of pad printing, ordinary windows can look extraordinary! It is innovative, fun and gives the neighbors something to talk about.

Guitar picks
There is nothing too small on which to print.

Hard hats
Hard hats not only save lives, but they also represent the company for which a person works. Pad printing technology allows these safety instruments to be labeled.

Skateboard wheels
What is more essential than the opportunity to express oneself? A cool logo on the wheel, flames or that massive death skull underneath the board definitely will make an impression on friends – and family.

Colonoscopy tubes
The graduations on the tubes (as well as those on syringes) are pad printed and absolutely crucial.

Baseballs, golf, beach and other balls
No more boring manufacturer’s logos or plain white balls. Using a pad printer to add different designs/logos to balls can add some style and color to a fun beach toy or kick ball. It also can liven up the game.

Electrical cable
What type of cable is it? What is the cable length? For what should it be used? All of these questions can be answered by the information pad printed on the cables themselves.

Christmas ornaments
The beautiful scenes on Christmas ornaments all are made with a pad printing machine.

Let’s face it, nearly everyone loves chocolate. Show appreciation to employees, clients or loved ones by giving away M&M’s with a personalized note.

Stephen Chrisos is in marketing/international sales for Inkcups Now, Danvers, MA. For more information, call 978.646.8980. Read about more items that can be decorated with pad printing at

Reprinted with permission.