Herrmann Ultrasonics Supplies Technology To Produce Face Masks

Ultrasonic welding is a preferred technology for the production of face masks made of nonwovens and the demand is only increasing with the global impact of COVID-19. Machine and system supplier for industrial ultrasonic technology Herrmann Ultrasonics, with North American headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois, is receiving numerous inquiries from customers who are expanding their existing production capacities and from hygiene customers who are switching from diaper to mask production.

The ultrasonic technology supplier is seeing a rise in inquiries from companies changing over their production lines entirely to begin manufacturing masks, including players in completely different sectors, such as the automotive industry.

To continue supporting their customers, Herrmann has taken the following safety measures to protect employees, while meeting customer needs:

  • The global headquarters in Karlsbad, Germany, and the North American headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois, have separated operations into two independent teams to ensure manufacturing. There is a time gap between the team change during which the working areas are being sanitized.
  • Increasing social distancing within the offices, allowing many to work off site and those that must work in office are following distance measures.
  • No on-site customer meetings, instead utilizing web conferencing. If an internal meeting is justified and mutually agreed upon, all guests must complete an online COVID-19 questionnaire.

“Our commitment has always been to provide customers with equipment and products that they need,” said Uwe Peregi, executive vice president and general manager of Herrmann Ultrasonics. “As a company, we have always aided in the production of face masks, but COVID-19 has increased the demand. We are making great strides to quickly get the necessary equipment to market, cutting lead times drastically.”

A global Hermman mask task force has been created to coordinate all efforts with the increased inquires and demands.

For more information, visit www.herrmannultrasonics.com.